Rules of the Track
 Rules of behavior.
Rule #1
Belligerence, profanity, aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.
1ST offense .....Asked to leave the premises for the remainder of the day.
2ND offense....3 month suspension from the track  and facility and one year probation
Rule #2
No alcohol permitted on the compound
Alcohol consumption during a race or track event by any member prior to their race day ending will result in:
1st offense....3 month suspension of all track privileges and one year probation.
2nd offense....during probation will result in membership being revoked with no money returned. 
 Non members will not be allowed back to the compound for one year.
Rule #3
Breaking of these rules will result in a one year suspension and possible more 
Rule #4
Follow instructions of the Flag man at all times
Rule #5
If you hit the tires or run off the track twice , you will be asked to exit the track.