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Karts  (Different types)
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Sprint Chassis (rentals)
Extreme kart World Formula Tag/Rotax Roller chassis, The Extreme Kart offers Italian high performance at the best possible value. this certified chassis provides all the ingredients necessary to take competitive racers to the front. Manufactured in Italy with 100% Italian components.
Chassis can be modified to move from class to class. Seats are in center
Motors tend to be two stroke and range from 80 cc to 125 cc.
Kart weight depends on classes.
Also named TAG karts

Super Karts

This is serious stuff. Superkarts are effectively larger, faster, shifters, generally with 250 cc motors that produce anything from 70 to 100 hp and a weight , with driver, of under 500 lbs. 
Acceleration to 60 mph in under three seconds and a top speed of 140mph or more. Kart like this are best found on full road course like Road Atlanta or Laguna Seca, where they can stretch their legs and pull 3 g's in the corners. 
Fast Karting
Basically the same as a sprint kart, but features a motor with a transmission. Engines are still generally 125 cc but the increased advantage of multiple gears will get you to 60 mph in under four seconds and on up to 125 mph.  Disk brakes at front and single disc at the rear. 
Fast Karting
Sealed engines